Updating CPT Code Changes for 2019

Adding New Codes

CPT/Transaction Codes are maintained by the practice, based on the services offered. To add the new 2019 CPT codes to your Valant account follow these instructions:

  1. Click Transaction Codes | Procedures
  2. Click New Procedures

  1. Enter the specific procedure information. If this is a new 2019 testing code created for each additional hour of testing, make sure to click the "Is add-on charge" checkbox
  2. Click Save

Adding Multiple Service Units to the New Add-On Codes

Users can not automatically attach multiple units to an add-on code. In order to add multiple units to ensure correct billing of testing hours, do the following:

  1.  Appointments on the schedule should have the appropriate Primary Code and Add-On Code

  1. After an appointment has been completed, right-click on the appointment and select Appointment | Record Appointment

  1. Click Billing | View/Edit Charges
  2. Select the patient from the "Patient" drop-down menu
  3. Click on the Add-On Code line item for the Date of Service that was recorded from the scheduler
  4. Click on the first line item on the lower half of the screen
  5. Click View/Edit Detail 

  1. Change the number of units to the appropriate number in the "Units" text-box
  2. Click OK

  1. Click Save
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