PPS and IO: Report Center Enhancements

This article applies to the Private Practice Suite and Valant IO

Valant has been working to enhance existing and create new helpful reports for your practice. These reports are located in the Report Center and are focused on improving your clinical, billing, appointment and documentation reporting capabilities.  Users can access the Report Center by selecting Reports | Report Center from the Navigation Menu. If your practice does not have access to the report center please contact our Support Team to gain access.

Clinical Reports

The Outcome Measure Score Reports allows your practice to display aggregate clinical outcome measure scores for eight different measures including: 

  • GAD-7 Score Report
  • OASIS Score Report
  • PHQ-9 Score Report
  • PSC Score Report
  • Y-PSC Score Report

This will allow your practice to analyze improvement rates over time. Quantify client progress for better reimbursement rates. 

The Outcome Measure Individual Score Reports show client scores per outcome measure over time for the PHQ-9 and GAD-7. Allowing you to track changes over time.

The Provider Caseload Report displays the total number of clients assigned to a provider. This allows a practice to track each client, including total appointments, date of first appointment, first appointment CPT code, date of last appointment, primary diagnosis, and primary insurance.

Appointment Reports

The Provider Retention Report displays the client retention rate of individual providers. The report will show you the retention rates for Prescribers or Therapists. This allows your practice to analyze client retention rates for each provider and compare rates among groups of providers, such as a cohort. 

Billing Reports

The Net AR Report with Fee Schedule displays a summary of Monthly total charges, payments, adjustments, and fee schedule adjustments, along with total Net A/R Balance. This supports  accounting for projected fee schedule adjustments for a more accurate net A/R balance. 

The Credit Card Detail Report lists clients who do not currently have a credit card on file. This will allow you to quickly review a list of clients who are missing credit card information or have had a recent transaction rejected. 

Documentation Reports

The Patient Notification Report displays all notifications set for each client, grouped by client and provider. The report also displays patient insurance and outstanding balance data. 

Updates to Existing Reports 

The Appointments Report now shows the client zip code.

The ICD-10 Diagnosis Report has a new parameter that allows filtering by clients who have not been assigned an ICD-10 diagnosis code. This will enable practices to quickly identify any patients who only have an ICD-9 diagnosis code assigned. 


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