PPS and IO: Rcopia 4

Valant is excited to be upgrading our e-prescribing system with DrFirst from Rcopia 3 to Rcopia 4. This updated e-prescribing system has increased readability and an upgraded user-interface. This enhancement will make the transition easy on both prescribers and clinical staff as they will not have to re-learn how to use DrFirst. The major change is how the system looks with an updated look and enhanced performance. Valant's approach to the upgrade is to migrate customers in batches. Valant will be in contact with your practice when it is time to migrate. 



To avoid any confusion about which version of Rcopia a practice is using, below are images representing both Rcopia 4 (top image) and Rcopia 3 (bottom image).    

In order to call out some of the subtle differences between the two it is important to note a few things:

  • The Return to EHR option is now under the username drop-down. Note: The Return to EHR button must be selected to see changes in DrFirst updated in Valant immediately. 

  • The menu options have moved to a menu just to the left of the Valant image. In Rcopia 3 the options are listed at the top of the page next to the Valant image. 

  • Utilties is a section that allows a user to manage their favorite prescriptions, provider agents and pharmacy lists. 

  • Settings is a page that allows users to setup location settings for the practice and user settings for yourself. 

There are two attachments below, which are the same as the resources above. The first is a feature-by-feature comparison of the changes from Rcopia 3 to Rcopia 4. The second is a complete manual for Rcopia 4. Please review the documents but keep in mind some colors might be slightly different in your EHR


Rcopia4 Enhancements.pdf

Rcopia 4 SPM Training Manual (March 2020).pdf

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