PPS and IO: Provider Billing Info for Insurance Company

This article applies to the Private Practice Suite and Valant IO

This enables practices to add billing provider info to be used in box 33 of CMS 1500 form.

  1. Click on Persons and Institutions | Insurance Companies
  2. Select an Insurance Company
  3. Click on Provider Information
  4. Click on Add Button for relevant provider

    • Key fields:
      • Use Practice Info Checkbox: selected provider to bill under the practice info, uncheck if billing as individual.
      • Entity Type: to bill as individual (Person, Type 1 NPI) or a group entity (Non-person, Type 2 NPI)
      • Provider NPI - The National Provider Identifier (NPI) of the Provider
      • Tax ID - The Tax ID of the Provider
      • SSN - The Social Security Number of the Provider (not required if a Tax ID is listed for the Provider)
      • CLIA Number – The Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act number of the provider. Issued to any person or facility that performs laboratory tests on human specimens for the purpose of diagnosis and/or treatment. Not required in most cases
  1. Click on Ok and Save
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