PPS: Pre-Payments

This article applies to the Private Practice Suite

Pre-payments will allow monies to be accepted and assigned to a specific patient prior to a charge being created. This can be useful for a new patient when a billable charge has not been created or a patient wants to pay in advance for a block of visits.

There are multiple ways to accept a pre-payment:

Option One

  1. Click on Billing | Apply Patient Payment
  2. Select the patient from the drop-down, then click on Accept Pre-payment

Option two

  1. Click on Tools | Scheduler
  2. Right-click on appointment | Appointment | Accept Pre-payment


Once either of those two options are completed, continue with the following:

  1. Enter the amount of the payment
  2. Choose a payment type (Auto CC, Cash, Check, Credit Card)
  3. Reference number (optional)
  4. Click Save and Print Receipt (recommended, have Save receipts checked in practice preferences)


Remember to apply the pre-payments to the appropriate charges as soon as possible. Run the following report to check all pre-payment activity:

Click on Reports | System Reports | Billing | Pre-payments

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