PPS: Silverlight Prompt When Using Mozilla Firefox

This article applies to the Private Practice Suite

Beginning with the release of version 52, Mozilla Firefox no longer supports most plugins. This includes Java, Adobe Acrobat, and Microsoft Silverlight.

To continue accessing the Valant EHR via Firefox without interruption, we recommend you utilize the Extended Support Release (ESR) of v52. Valant users also have the option to access the EHR via Internet Explorer v11, which can be downloaded here.

Note: Mozilla has announced they will be releasing a new update to the ESR version of Firefox on May 08, 2018. This update of Firefox should not impact Valant users who are currently using Firefox ESR. If you are are unable to login please follow the instructions below to reinstall Firefox ESR.

  1. Please click here to reach the initial download screen. You may use a browser other than Firefox to begin this process, as Firefox will need to be completely closed during the installation. 
  2. Select fully localized version Firefox 52.
  1. Select your preferred language and computer’s operating system. Click Download. 
  1. If prompted choose Save File.
  2. Open the downloads folder at the top of your Firefox browser by selecting the upside-down arrow in the top-right corner. Select the Firefox Setup option. This folder will be at the bottom of the window in Google Chrome.

  1. On the next prompt that pops up, select Run.
  2. When asked if you’d like to allow the program to make changes on your computer, choose Yes.
  3. A Setup Wizard should then appear. Click Next to progress, and then select the "Standard" option. Click Next | Upgrade | Finish to complete the installation.
Once Firefox ESR is installed, re-open Firefox and go to www.valantmed.com to log back in as normal.                        
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