PPS: Patient Aging Summary

This article applies to the Private Practice Suite

This report shows total accounts receivable for each patient. This report allows a practice to see all patient balances and quickly identify which patients have the largest balances. It is a great tool to use to monitor outstanding balances and take action. There are different filtering options to get specific information whether you want to look at specific balance values or how long a balance has been aging.

Looking for Patients with a Credit?
In order to identify patients with a credit users can run the Patient Aging Summary. This can be caused by an error by the biller or insurance company. To find this information run this report by putting a negative amount in the "Minimum Balance" field and 0 in the "Maximum Balance" Field. By doing this the report will only show patients with a negative balance. This will help a practice identify potential errors that need to be corrected or issue credits.

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