PPS: Insurance Aging

This article applies to the Private Practice Suite

The Insurance Aging report provides a list of outstanding insurance claims where a payment has not been posted. This report can be sorted by aging bucket to include/exclude claims of a certain age.This report is a detailed list of outstanding insurance claims. If the report you are looking for is a summary of outstanding claims by payer then the Insurance Aging Summary could be a better resource.  The report has many different filter options and ways to group the data. The report shows all major billing details including dates of service, billing date, transaction code, aging time frames, and balances. This report is useful to find areas where insurance claims are not receiving a notice and where to focus attention in collecting outstanding balances.

The report will have totals for each category in the "Group By" filter highlighted in yellow. In the below case it is "Insurance Company", so the report will have a total for each insurance company. The group by filter can also be filtered by "Provider" to show aging for each provider or  "Facility" to show aging balances by facility. There will also be a grand total at the bottom of all reports.

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