PPS: Apply Credit Card Credit

This article applies to the Private Practice Suite

Practices who utilize Valant credit card processing integration with Complete Merchant Solutions (CMS) can use the Apply Credit Card Credit page to apply credits back to patient payments taken via "Auto Payment CC". This is often times done when there is a need to refund a credit card payment that was processed through Valant. Applying a credit card credit is a similar process to processing an "Auto Payment CC". To apply a credit card credit follow these steps:

1. From the Navigation Menu select Billing | Apply Credit Card Credit.

2. On the "Apply Credit Card Credit" screen enter details for the patient, credit date, the amount to be credited, and select Get Paid Transactions.

3. The next screen will show a list of all "Auto Payment CC" payments and a user will need to select which credit card payment to take the credit from. This page behaves like other payment grids in the system and the "Apply" field. Click Save.

4. A pop-up will appear with a prompt to enter the encryption key. This is a practice wide encryption key to process passwords (Valant does not know this password, however we can help practices reset it if needed). Click OK after entering the key.

5. The next screen to appear is the "Automated Payment Processing - Step 1 of 3 - Source of Information - Credit" where users select which billing information should be used for the credit. To proceed make a selection and click Next.

6. On the "Automated Payment Processing - Step 2 of 3 - Edit billing info - Credit screen enter billing information and click Next.

7. On the Automated Payment Processing - Step 3 of 3 - Review billing info - Credit" verify the Billing info is correct and select Post Credit. This will post the payment to be credited back to the card. 

8. The system will confirm the payment was processed and the credit will be complete.


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