PPS and IO: Patient Portal - Manage Options

This article applies to the Valant IO and Private Practice Suite

By default, the following is true for existing, active patients with an active Patient Portal account:

  • All active patients with an active Patient Portal account have access to Secure Messaging.
  • All patients can receive secure messages from anyone with a login account to the Vālant EMR within the same Vālant account as the patient.
  • All patients can reply to any message that they receive.
  • All patients can initiate a new secure message to their assigned provider.
  • All patients are NOT set to allow Statements to be sent to portal
  • All patients will see their own Patient Balance

On a patient-by-patient basis, a clinic can determine whether or a not a patient can:

  • Initiate a new secure message to their assigned provider without having received one.
  • Receive Statements
  • Show Balance Due

To Manage the 3 options on a patient portal account, please do the following:

  1. Click on Persons and InstitutionsPatients
  2. On the Patients and select the desired patient
  3. Select the Portal tab
  4. Select the Manage Account button
  5. Select Secure Messaging Patient CAN or CANNOT initiate secure messages
  6. Select Sending Statements | Statements ARE allowed or NOT allowed to be sent to Portal
  7. Select Patient Balances | Show balances or Hide balances in portal


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