PPS: Accept Payment Credit Card Messaging

This article applies to the Private Practice Suite

When accepting a payment and processing a credit card through Valant using the “Auto Payment CC: Auto payment CC” option, users will infrequently receive a pop-up with a caution message:

This message is rare, and may never appear. If you do receive the above message follow these steps for a workaround to properly post the payment:

  1. Make note of the “Auth code” and “Amount” in the “Credit card info may not have been applied” message.
  2. Click the OK button.
  3. If the practice has the “Receipt Book” turned on, review the receipt book to verify that payment is missing,


If the practice does not have the “Receipt Book” turned on, review “View/Edit Charges” for the patient and verify the payment information was not posted.

  1. Log on to the CMS portal and verify that the payment was processed via CMS.
  2. Manually post the patient payment and when selecting “Payment Type” click Credit Cd: Credit Payment, enter the amount from the original message, and put the “Auth code” value in the “Reference Number” field.

 For instructions on how to manually post patient payment please review the Apply Patient Payment article. 


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