PPS: Pending Transaction Queue

This article applies to the Private Practice Suite

The Pending Transaction Queue (PTQ) is an optional feature that is a queue of appointments that have been recorded from the calendar. Dates of Service must be submitted through the queue before the charge is created. This queue is an opportunity to review, inactivate, and edit dates of service before proceeding through the revenue cycle. To access the Pending Transaction Queue:

  1. On the left navigation menu select Biller Tools
  2. Select Pending Transaction Queue


Any appointments that have been recorded from the calendar are displayed for review within the Pending Transaction Queue. Most details about a given appointment can be seen on this screen. The column on the far right shows the documentation status. These icons represent the status of the documentation for each visit.


The documentation for this session has not been started
The documentation for this session has been started, but it has not been signed
The documentation for this session has been signed
The documentation for this session has been skipped

If the characteristics of a visit submitted through the calendar have changed since the time they were submitted through the calendar, the affected visit will appear highlighted in red.


Occasionally corrections may need to be made in the PTQ. To update the transaction within the queue, so that it reflects the changes that were made in the calendar, follow these steps.

  1. Select the checkbox next to the the transaction box to the left of the date of the transaction
  2. Click the Edit Transaction button at the lower right of the screen


A pop-up window appears with the details of the transaction as it appears in the calendar. Note these fields are editable. A user can edit any of the fields on the appointment. Simply click OK  to accept the changes, and update the information in the queue. 


To process the claims and create the charges for the dates of service you can select individual charges or select all by clicking the checkbox at the very top next to the "Date". Once you have selected click the Process Selected button. Dates of service can also be inactivated by clicking a checkbox and selecting Inactivate.

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