Patient Charge Adjustment

When applying a patient adjustment, users need to decide if the adjustment is going to be negative or positive.

  • Negative adjustments can be applied using the Charge Adjustment... button
  • Negative adjustments are used to increase the total balance remaining on a given transaction
  • Positive adjustments are used to decrease the total balance for a given transaction and are performed using the Credit Adjustment... button

How to process a charge adjustment for a patient in the Valant EHR

Important Note:

  • Adjustments can still be used for transfers; however these will not count as payments
  • If users decide to use the adjustments for transfers, then the transfers will not count towards payments in the billing reports and day sheets

To apply a charge adjustment for a patient in the EMR, please do the following:

  1. Click Billing | View/Edit Charges
  2. Select a patient
  3. Select a transaction
  4. Click on the Add Adjustment button
  5. Click on the Charge Adjustment... button

  1. In the "Charge Adjustment" window, enter the date, type, and amount of the adjustment
  2. Click OK

  1. The adjustment will appear in the transaction details
  2. Notice that the amount appears in the "Adjustments" column with a negative value
  3. Be sure to click on Save in order for the line item to be applied in the EHR

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