IO: Telehealth Troubleshooting

This article applies to Valant IO

Multiple factors have an impact on your Telehealth video call quality. If you have experienced an issue, a quick assessment of your microphone, camera, network, connectivity, and throughput is available here:

If your microphone, camera, network, connectivity, and throughput tests are successful, here are other factors to consider:

Did you Know... What can you do?
having Many other applications or programs open at the same time as your Telehealth session can impact your video call quality? Before your Telehealth session, close any applications or programs that are not needed (including any browser tabs that are not needed).
when most laptops are running on battery power, processing slow down in order to conserve the battery's remaining charge? Keep your laptop plugged in during your Telehealth session.
all devices connected to your network are able to consume bandwidth? Common activities which consume a lot of bandwidth including streaming video and/or audio, gaming, and downloading or uploading large files. Pausing these activities will increase the bandwidth available for your Telehealth session. 
your laptop or device may slow down even further when your battery's remaining charge is low? If you are unable to keep your laptop or device plugged in during your Telehealth session, make sure it is fully charged beforehand. 
your wi-fi signal is strongest close to, and within line-of-sight of your wi-fi router? Move closer to your wi-fi router, ideally within line-of-sight of it. Moving it higher (e.g., on a desk is better than on the floor) could help, and away from away from metal surfaces which can obstruct the wi-fi signal. 
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