IO: Applying Pre-Payments

This article applies to Valant IO

The following are instructions for how to apply a pre-payment that has been previously collected:

1. Click Billing | Apply Patient Payment

2. Enter the patient's name in the "Patient" field

3. In the "Amount" field, enter the amount to be applied from the patients pre-payment credit

4. Set the "Payment type" to "Prepay Xfer: Pre-payment Transfer"

5. Click Get Unpaid Transactions

6. This will open the "Select Pre-payments to Apply" dialogue box. Select the pre-payment to transfer from and click OK

7. The "Apply Patient Payment tab" will open and allow a user to apply to pre-payment to specific charges

8. Enter in the desired amount into the "Apply" field for each charge that the pre-payment is being applied to (be sure the "Unapplied" field reads "$0.00")

9. Click Save

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