PPS and IO: Error: There Are No Insurance Claims to Print

This article applies to the Private Practice Suite and Valant IO

Several items are required in order to print insurance claims. This error will occur after clicking on Create Claims on the Create Insurance Claims tab.

Possible Solutions:

  • Create a charge for the patient.
  • Clear or correct the Patient Type drop-down filter.
  • Clear or correct the Provider drop-down filter.
  • Check the "Contracted" box by clicking Persons and Institutions Insurance Companies Provider Information.
  • Clear or correct the "Facility" drop-down filter.
  • Check the "Billing status" checkbox for the insurance company by clicking Billing View/Edit Charges.
  • The date of service was not included in date range set when creating claims.
  • Add a missing CPT code by clicking Billing | View/edit charges.
  • Add place of service by clicking Billing | View/edit charges.
  • Add a diagnosis by clicking Billing | View/edit charges.
  • Uncheck the “Charge to patient only” box by clicking Billing | View/edit charges.
  • Clear or correct the "Insurance Company" drop-down filter.
  • Add EDI ID to insurance company by clicking Persons and Institutions Insurance Companies.
  • Change the claims format drop-down to "Paper".
  • If the Primary insurance payment did not come in via ERA, it is not possible to submit secondary claims electronically.
  • Ensure the Primary/Secondary button is set correctly for the type of claims to be submitted.
  • For secondary claims, uncheck the crossover/dual coverage box listed under the primary insurance tab by clicking Billing | View/edit charges.
  • For Medicare/Tricare, ensure that the "Accept assignment" box is checked by clicking Persons and Institutions Providers.
  • Ensure both Primary and add-on code are set to "re-bill" by clicking Billing | View/edit charges.
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