PPS: ERA - Post / Edit ERA Payments

This article applies to the Private Practice Suite

ERAs can be posted by doing the following:

  1. Click on Billing | ERA


  1. Select the ERA file that needs to be posted
  2. Click on Next

  1. Check payment date and payment type are correct
  2. Reconcile the ERA file with the EOB from the payer
    • IMPORTANT: Be sure to access the EOB on the payor's portal, not from the clearinghouse.
  3. Check payments and adjustments
  4. If more information is required on a specific charge, click on Action | Show Details

  1. To assign a payment to a specific/different charge within Valant,
  2. Click on Action | Match Manually

  1. Find specific patient and charge for this payment to be applied to
  2. Select transaction that lists in the box below
  3. Finish the process by clicking the relevant button at the bottom of the ERA

  1. Go Back: return to the list of ERA's
  2. Reset to Original: if multiple changes have been made incorrectly, this will restore the information
  3. Undo Changes: if individual changes have been made incorrectly, this will undo them
  4. Save Changes: if changes have been made, but not ready to apply Payments
  5. Apply Payments: this will process the payment and be reflected in View/Edit Charges

Important Points

  • Pay close attention to chargebacks. Payers will sometimes send a notification in the ERA file that a chargeback will be processed in a future payment. Valant suggests to "Ignore" and not process this until the chargeback actually occurs. This will keep the chargeback from showing on patient's statement until appropriate.
  • Consider selecting ‘Ignore’ for $0.00 payment line items like denied as a duplicate or denied for no coverage when the correct insurance payer has already been billed.
  • Confirm Medicare is set to Crossover before posting the payment. You can review this in claim details by looking for the remark code MA18:

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