DrFirst User Levels

This page outlines the user levels and permission types for DrFirst accounts

FRONT DESK: Front Desk Staff - Ability to view patient demographics and attach a pharmacy. This is set by Valant staff

NON-CLINICAL: Front Desk Staff capabilities plus:- Ability to view Patient clinical data. This is set by Valant staff

CLINICAL: Non Clinical capabilities plus: Ability to manage patient allergies & medications and create prescriptions for a provider to sign. This is set by Valant staff

PROVIDER AGENT: Non Clinical and clinical capabilities plus: Ability to send non-controlled prescriptions on behalf of a provider and approve electronic renewal requests. A copy of any prescription generated or renewal action will be sent to the provider. This is set by the provider

PROVIDER: The Doctor or Nurse Practitioner. They can do anything. This is set by Valant staff

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