DrFirst Patient Text Notifications

A new functionality by DrFirst allows you to send a text message confirmation to patients after sending a prescription to the pharmacy in Rcopia. Upon receiving the text message, your patients can choose to visit a secure, HIPAA compliant site to:

  • Review details of their new prescription(s)
  • Confirm pharmacy details
  • View co-pay or cash pricing for their new prescription(s)

We recognize that patient care is your priority. If any of your patients would like to opt out of the text messages they will have the ability to do so. And if for any reason you would not like this functionality enabled, simply contact our Support Team at (888) 282-8085 or visit our Support Portal to have a representative disable this feature in your account.

Common Questions & Answers

  • Can we have the default set to ‘No’ for our prescribers? The default is set to "yes" by DrFirst for all providers. However, if there is any major issue, each Practice can set the default to no by having their admin login and change the location settings for text notifications to "No".
  • Can patients opt-out? Yes, they can respond to the text with a message of "stop". This instruction is included in the body of the RxNotification text they receive.
  • Can providers customize the personalized greeting? Not at this time
  • Does anything in the DrFirst interface indicate if the phone number on file is a mobile phone? DrFirst validates if the number is a mobile number prior to populating the phone number field on the signing screen
  • Do minors receive text notifications? Given the wide array of state regulations concerning minors, this feature will not be offered for patients under the age of 18

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