PPS: Creating Patient Statements

This article applies to the Private Practice Suite

Before creating the first batch of statements for practice, please complete the two following steps;

Step One

  1. Click on Persons and Institutions | Practice
  2. Select 'Statement Messages' and enter relevant information for practice (Example below)


Step Two

  1. Select 'Statement Preferences' and choose options for practice (Recommended options below)

(Image reformatted to fit screen)

In order to create statements to be sent through patient portal or printer, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Billing | Create Patient Statements

  1. Select Statement Type drop-down. There are four statement types:
  • Balance forward: display total patient responsibility from previous statement, will not include pending visits
  • Balance forward include pending charges: same as above, includes pending insurance visits
  • Outstanding charges only: will only print charges that have a balance remaining
  • All charges: show entire account history for patient

The provider, patient filters, date range and check boxes are all options if needed. Leave blank to print everything

Check individual patient portal account options are set for statements to be sent to portal.

  1. Click on Generate Statements
  2. The following message will appear:

  1. Click on the Report Queue hyperlink or go to Tools | Report Queue from the navigation menu.
  • This will take you to the Report Queue where you can see the statements created.
  1. In the Report Queue click the action drop down review the following options
    • View Report
    • Mark as Printed
    • Mark as Printed and Move to Practice Documents
    • Delete

Statements must be marked as printed to start the aging process in Valant. 

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