Creating New Patient Payment Type Choices

Valant provides the ability to create additional options under the “Payment Type” field when you are applying a patient payment.

  1. Hover over Transaction Codes in the navigation bar
  2. Click Patient Payments
  3. Click New Payment at the top-right side of the window to begin creating a new option. The lower part of the tab will become active.

All fields need to be completed to successfully create a new payment type:

  • “Transaction Code ID”: ID that shows in Valant billing and reporting
  • “Description”: This is how it will appear in the drop-down menu and on Patient Statements
  • “Payment Type”: Select “Patient Payment” or “Patient Refund” depending of what use is needed for the new type
  • "Patient Payment Type": This field field will be available only if "Patient Payment" was selected in the previous drop-down menu

If users need to turn off an option, simply place a check mark in the “Inactive” box. 

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