PPS and IO: Create a Day Sheet

This article applies to the Private Practice Suite and Valant IO

The Day Sheet can be created by the following steps:

  1. Click on Billing | Create Day Sheet     

The "Include my own transactions" checkbox will create a day sheet with only the provider's transactions on it. This option is not for staff users, nor is it commonly used.

  1. Click Show Day Sheet to create a new day sheet

This action will create a PDF where you can view the information.

  • Valant recommends posting all payments on a regular basis, as bank deposits are made.
  • If payments are posted on a bank deposit day, it can easily be audited and verified by using this day sheet.
  • The totals displayed should equal the amount of money that was deposited in the bank for that day.


  • This will show a detailed breakdown of all charges, payments, refunds, adjustments and pre-paid activity
  • The day sheet functions as an accounting tool that shows all activity since the last day sheet was generated
  • Review carefully, make all corrections before clicking Mark Day Sheet as Created and Save Day Sheet
  • Once a transaction has been saved on a day sheet, it cannot be deleted or altered
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