PPS and IO: Authorizing and Revoking Provider Agent Privileges in Dr. First

This article applies to the Private Practice Suite and Valant IO with Rcopia 3

Provider Agents are users who have non-clinical and clinical user roles in DrFirst. These users have the ability to send non-controlled prescriptions on behalf of a provider, and approve electronic renewal requests. A copy of any prescription generated or renewal action will be sent to the provider. This permission is set by the prescribing provider who has the ability to manage their agents.

To authorize or revoke Provide Agent Privileges a Provider should:

  1. From Valant, open any DrFirst page
  2. Click Options on the top right menu

  1. Click Manage My Agents on the "Additional Options page


  1. Providers have the option to search for a staff user by name or role or select agents from the list
  2. Authorizing or Revoking provider agent privileges establishes the association between that provider and the staff that he or she has granted agent privileges to
  3. To authorize and revoke a staff member provider agent privileges, select the box next to the users name and enter your signature password in the box in either "Signature Password" text box
  4. Click Authorize Agent or Revoke Agent buttons


Authorized  users with a "Y" in the "Provider Agent" column, or if the user privileges have been revoked they will have a "N" in the same column. Authorized agents can now prepare and send prescriptions on behalf of you in Rcopia. Anytime an agent is sending a prescription on behalf of a provider in Rcopia, they will always receive a pending message in their prescription report, alerting this action. Providers should check for these regularly and sign-off on these pending messages. Provider Agents can only send on behalf of providers who have authorized them. 

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