Are you a Prescriber and Getting a New Phone Tablet or Device this Holiday Season?

'Tis the season for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Holidays. Every year many prescribers get new phones computers and tablets, but don't take into account their soft-tokens on their old devices. Old devices are deactivated, traded-in, or sold without setting up new soft tokens for e-prescibing controlled substances. If you are planning on getting a new device read the following before losing access to your old device.

It is strongly recommended that prescribers using DrFirst with Valant to send controlled substances register two tokens when completing the EPCS Identify Proofing. If a provider only has one token registered and that token is lost, damaged and cannot be used, the provider will have to restart the EPCS Identity Proofing process from the start. Having two tokens registered assures that either token can be used to access the account and e-prescribe. DrFirst offers a hard token key fob when users are enrolled and they are available upon request by contacting Valant Support. A soft-token ( VIP Access app by Symantec can be downloaded on Android, Windows, Mac and Apple devices) can be user on a phone, computer, or tablet. Users may have multiple soft tokens registered if they would like.

It is important to remember that when registering a soft-token, the token is tethered to that device. It cannot be transferred to a new phone, tablet or other device. If a prescriber has a new device they would like to use, they should make sure that either the old device or hard token is present to register the new token with the new device. If for some reason the soft-token is the only token registered and that device is no longer operational or in their possession, then prescribers will have to restart EPCS Identity Proofing.

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