PPS: Adding Multiple Credit Cards to the CMS Vault

This article applies to the Private Practice Suite

Practices who utilize Valant credit card processing integration with Complete Merchant Solutions (CMS) can store multiple credit cards for each patient in the Vault. This process is outlined in steps below. This process can be started from the Scheduler or from the "Apply Patient Payment" screen. This demonstration will begin on the Scheduler.

  1.  Right-click on the Appointment, hover over Appointment and click Accept Payment.

  1. In the "Accept Payment" dialog enter the payment amount in the "Total Payment" text box and select "Auto Payment CC" from the "Payment Type" drop-down. Then press the Process Automated Payment button.

  1. Select the first choice "PATIENT: Use Patient's Billing Information". If a new payer or guarantor is being to add a new card to the Vault the user would select the option for "New: Type in Billing information.

  1. The dialog displayed is the same as that which is used to initially add a card to the patient's vault. After entering the credit card number and expiration date, click the Add this payer to the Vault.


  1. After the payer has been added click the Click here to complete button to finish adding the payer to the Vault.

Keeping more than one payment method in the Vault can help collect payments more efficiently. This can be helpful with families that may change what payment method will be used.

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