Allergies in the Patient Chart

The New Allergy button on the "Allergies" tab of the Patient Chart is a way to record a medication allergy for a patient. To add a new allergy:

  1. Open the Patient Chart and select the "Allergies" tab.
  2. Click New Allergy

For accounts subscribed to e-prescribing (DrFirst), clicking on the New Allergy button will display the DrFirst interface.

  1. In the Active/Current Allergies section, click the Indicate 'No Known Drug Allergies (NKDA)' link


  1. Choose the patient's allergy from the the "Select Common Allergy" drop-down menu.
  2. Click Add Common Allergy
  3. In the "Add Allergy" section, enter the reaction (using the drop-down menu or the free text field) and the onset date, if such information is available. Click Add.
  4. Repeat as necessary.

For accounts not subscribed to DrFirst e-prescribing

  1. First update Reference Data / Non-Medicine Allergies and create a list of common allergies.
  2. Clicking on the New Allergy button displays the "New Allergy" dialog box

  1. If the patient has no known allergies, click the Confirm that patient has no known allergies button at the bottom of the page, or
  2. Choose Medication or Non-Medication from the Allergy Type section.
  3. Select the allergy from the appropriate drop-down menu. (It will be highlighted in yellow, depending on which Allergy Type was chosen.)
  4. If the allergy in question is no longer active for the patient, check the "Inactive" checkbox.
  5. Click OK. Repeat as necessary.


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