New Webinar Series "Valant: The Next Generation"

This new webinar series is intended to help your practice transition from the Private Practice Suite to Valant IO. Join us to learn more about Valant’s new EHR platform, Valant IO. These webinars are geared towards users who have basic familiarity with the Private Practice Suite (Silverlight Version of Valant) and are meant to give you the confidence to smoothly transition to Valant IO. We will examine all the upgrades and minor differences between the two versions. Also, a review of features exclusive to Valant IO including eSignature, Self Check-In, and Telehealth. In addition to demonstrations, there will be an open Q&A to answer your questions regarding your practice’s transition to Valant IO.

On Demand

While we would rather you join us live to answer your questions, we understand that your schedule may not allow for you to attend at one of the above times. Consider watching the on-demand version of this webinar on your own time!

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