Signing or Saving a Note in the EHR From a Mac

The following steps outline how to sign and save a note in the EHR from a Mac:

  1. In Microsoft Word for Mac, click on File Save As. Save the document to the Desktop and do not change the filename prior to saving the file
  2. Close the instance of Word for the file or close Word entirely to prevent file share issues
  3. In the left Navigation Tree in the EHR, perform one of the following:
    1. Select Document Save Templated Document. Saving the templated document will update the copy of the note that is in the Unsigned Documents Tab. This allows for future editing of the note
    2. Select Document Sign Templated Document. Signing the template document electronically will sign the note and place it into the patient's chart.
  4. Click on the Browse button
  5. Navigate to the desktop and select the file
  6.  Click on the Open button to add the file to the list and update or sign the note as stated earlier. To upload multiple files, repeat the previous three steps as required
  7. Delete the document(s) from the desktop to eliminate any HIPAA concerns

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