PPS: PDF Settings for Claim Alignment

This article applies to the Private Practice Suite

The PDF settings will allow for marginal adjustment of the CMS 1500 (08/05 and 02/12)

Click on Billing | Create Insurance Claim | Claims Format: PDF Settings

  • Font : the default font is Arial, you have a choice between Arial and  Agency FB
  • Font Size : the default font size is 10 pt.
  • Left Offset : what adjustments need to be made from to the left margin (EG 0.01 moves the page right and -0.01 moves the page left)
  • Top Offset : what adjustments need to be made to the top margin (EG and 0.01 moves the page Up and -0.01 moves the page down)
  • Scaling :
    • None : the generated claim will not scale to the application
    • Application Default: if the PDF program has a default scale the generated claim will use this setting

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