PPS: Adding an Addendum

This article applies to the Private Practice Suite

Signed clinical documents that are in the patient chart can have information added to the note by completing an addendum. It may be an additional piece of information that was given after the document was signed, a mistake in documentation that needs to be corrected or clarified, or other information that needs to be added to the documentation.

To add an addendum follow these steps:

  1. Open the Patient Chart
  2. Click the Documents tab
  3. Find the document that needs the addendum and click the Action button
  4. Click Add Addendum button


While completing content in the addendum there are four tabs. The first is the “Content” tab that presents a word processor text box for content to be input.

The second tab is the “Details” tab, where information about the appointment can be edited. Name of the addendum, date, and time can be edited.

The "Medications" tab will show any current medications or medication changes completed by the note. While this cannot be edited in the addendum, this section is still here for review.

The “Diagnosis” tab will show all diagnosis that are active after the note is signed. This tab is read only and cannot be edited from the addendum.  

To complete the addendum click Sign and Close. This will attach the additional content to the note that is already in the patient chart. Documents in the patients chart that have an addendum are marked with a red “A” next to the document.

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