Showing Balances in the Patient Portal

This article applies to Valant IO

Practices that have the Patient Portal can allow patients to view their balance in the portal. This can be configured at the practice level and per patient to only show certain patients.  

In order to see balances in the portal the practice must have the Billing Module and the Patient Portal enabled. The practice setting must be turned on by a user Admin Access Permission. This is done on the Persons and Institutions | Practice |  Preferences | Select the "Show Balances in Patient Portal" checkbox.

Once configured to show at the practice level it needs to be set for the patient. This can be done when the portal account is created, or toggled at a later date. To show balances in the patient portal: 

  1. From the navigation menu click Persons & Institutions | Patients | select patient 
  2. Click on the "Portal" tab and select the "Show balances in patient portal" and click Save

If the patient has a balance that is in patient responsibility then they will see their balances on the Billing tab of the Patient Portal.  These balances will update as payments are posted or the balances change. If the practice has custom statement messages that go out based on aging date range then those will also appear in the portal as well below the balances grid. 

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