Sending Measures to the Patient Portal

Valant allows measures to be assigned and completed by patients with a patient portal account. This allows patients to fill out measures before an appointment. There are two different measurement: Scheduled Measures and One-Time Measures. Scheduled Measures are sent on a recurring basis to the portal two days before a patient has an appointment. One-Time Measures are assigned once. One-Time Measures can be assigned from the Scheduler or from the Patients Chart. In order to assign a one-time measure follow either of the following steps:

From the scheduler:

  1. Right click on the Appointment
  2. Click “Add One-Time Measures”

From the Patient Chart:

  1. Click Measures from the navigation menu of the chart
  2. Click the One-Time Measures tab
  3. Click the Add One-Time Measure button

After you select “Add One-Time Measure” on either option a dialog box will open to assign the measure. To assign the measure:

  1. Assign the Provider who will be authoring the note with the Provider drop-down
  2. Enter a start and end date
  3. Click the Measure
  4. Move the Measure to the column on the right side by clicking the greater than (>) button
  5. Click OK

Once a measure is assigned it will be immediately sent to the patient portal account to be completed. An email will be sent to the patient the following day to notify them of the measure. The email from the patient’s perspective will look like the following:

Scheduled Measures can only be assigned from the Patients Chart. From the patient chart:

  1. Click on the Measures 
  2. Click on the Scheduled Measures tab
  3. Click on the Change Scheduled Measures 

After selecting Change Scheduled Measures a box will appear to add and remove scheduled measures.

  1. Select the Measure(s) to be assigned.
  2. Move the Measure to the column on the right side by clicking the greater than button
  3. Select OK

A reminder e-mail notification will be sent to the patient two days before the scheduled appointment. 

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