Appointment Request Patient View

This page will show a patient perspective of the appointment request process.

Below is a step-by-step guide for the process for a patient to request an appointment:

  1. Upon login to the portal the patient will click the Request an Appointment hyperlink under "Quick Links". 

  1. The patient will select the from the "Appointment Type" drop-down menu; as well as the "Preferred dates" (patients cannot select dates in the past or same day appointments, appointment requests must be in the future). 
  2. Click Search. Results for available appointments will be returned based on provider and facility availability. 

  1. A patient can select from the returned results or edit their request. Appointments will be pulled based on available time slots.
  2. The patient will click Request to send the appointment request to the Appointment Requests Queue. 

  1. After a request is sent the patient will be taken back to the home screen and they will see a message that their request has been submitted successfully.

Once the practice responds to a request in the EHR the patient will be sent a message to the e-mail address that is listed in the Patient Demographics under the "Contacts" tab. The email will come from The e-mail will be a general message that the request was approved and to check in the portal for details, or a message that the request was not fulfilled and to log into the portal or contact the provider. An example e-mail of each scenario is given below.


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