Patient Portal-Sending Statements and Guarantor Summaries

To create a Patient Statement or a Guarantor Summary

  1. Click on Billing | Create Patient Statements
  2. Leave all the filters blank if statements for all patients need to be created. Use the filters to select more specific patients or date ranges, if needed.
  1. Open the "Statement Type" drop down menu and choose one of the following four options:
  • "Balance forward" will show all billing transaction details from the last 30 days or since the last time the patient was sent a Balance forward statement, whichever is greater. Additionally, it will display the total patient responsibility from the previous Balance forward statement as a single line item at the top, but will not include visits that are still pending insurance processing.
  • "Balance forward, include pending charges "will display the same information as the Balance forward statement type, but includes pending insurance visits.
  • "Outstanding charges only" will only print charges that have a balance remaining, whether it is insurance or patient responsibility.
  • "All charges" will generate a statement that shows the entire account history for the patient within the selected date range.
  1. Use the "Minimum Balance" selection to set the patient responsibility as a minimum dollar amount, or bottom limit, on statement generation. E.g. If you do not wish to send statements for balances less than $5.00 dollars, enter that amount here. To generate statements for all of the charges, even those with a zero balance, change this amount to $0.00.

Note: The Save Individual Patient Statements Checkbox is selected by default, because it is required in order to create Guarantor Summaries.

  1. Select "Prepare statement for sending to portal".
  2. Select "Include guarantor summaries" (If needed)
  3. Click on the Generate Statements button

Single Patient Statements
If only one patient was selected the following language will appear:

The next pop-up will allow the statement to be opened with Adobe Reader or saved locally as a .PDF file.

A copy of the statement will be added to the Documents tab in the "Patient Chart" and the patient will receive an email notification between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. that a statement has been delivered to their Patient Portal account.

Multiple Patient Statements

If multiple patients were selected on the Create Patient Statements tab, the Report Queue can be accessed by clicking on Tools | Report Queue

In the example of below, the files are sorted in ascending order according to the "Requested" column. With that said, the newest report will be at the bottom.
Note: If the "Report Queue" tab was opened prior to clicking on the Generate Statements button on the "Create Patient Statements" tab, be sure to click on the Refresh button in the upper right corner of the "Report Queue" tab. 

There are three possible status that can be show i the Report Queue. If the Status is "Scheduled" that means the server is compiling the data, and after a few moments the Refresh button should show "In process". If the Status is "In process" periodically click the Refresh button in the upper right corner of the tab until the status is "Complete". If the status is "Complete", select the "Action" drop-down menu and then choose from the following:

If the "Prepare Statements for Sending to Portal" checkbox was selected on the "Create Patient Statements" tab prior to clicking on the "Generate Statements" button, the following options will be available for the Action button for the file on the "Report Queue" tab.

When "Send to Portal and Move to Practice Documents" is selected, the following will occur:

  1. A .PDF file of the statements will be added to the Practice Documents Tab
  2. The same items that are listed under Send to Portal and Mark as Printed or Sent
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