Monitoring Unsigned eSignature Requests

This article applies to Valant IO

"Unsigned/Overdue eSignature Requests" is an Action item on the Dashboard that allows practices to view eSignature requests that are sent to patients but have not yet been returned. Unsigned eSignature Requests are considered "overdue" if they are past their due date. Clicking on"Unsigned/Overdue eSignature Requests" will take a user to the "Unsigned eSignature Requests" page.  

Unsigned eSignature Requests 

This page allows users to see packets that were sent to patients and the date the request was sent, the due date and the status. Click the "Action" drop-down and select "Send Reminder Email" to manually resend the email to the patient, “Dismiss” to cancel an eSignature Request, or “History” to view an audit log. 

There are two different status that can be seen for a request: 

  • Unsigned: the patient has not clicked on the request in the Patient Portal 
  • Initiated: the patient has clicked on the request in Patient Portal, but has not yet signed
  • Dismissed: the practice has dismissed the eSignature Request (this status is hidden by default and must be manually added to the column filter)

Once a patient completes the eSignature Request, they will receive a copy of the completed eSignature Request in the Signed Forms section of the Practice Paper Work” in their patient portal and a copy will appear in the Patient Chart under "Documents". To learn more about the patients perspective when signing a eSignature Request please read this article.

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