Appointment Requests Overview

This article applies to Valant IO

Valant is excited to release a new feature that allows patients to request appointments through their Patient Portal account. Once submitted these requests go into a queue where users at the practice can review, edit, reject or schedule appointments. The patient will be notified by e-mail of the appointment. This feature will make scheduling appointments easier for both the patient and practice. Below are links to supporting documentation for the Patient Portal Appointment Request Feature. The articles will guide you through configuring the portal to accept appointment requests, how the Appointment Requests Queue works, and what it looks like for the patient.

In order to use this feature, users will need help from Valant to configure the account. If you are interested in configuring your account please complete an e-mail support ticket and a Valant representative will be in contact with you shortly. Please do not continue configuring your account with the below steps until you have been contacted by a Valant representative. 

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