Appointment Request Configuration

Before a patient can request an appointment through their patient portal account a few things must be completed by the practice.

  • The Practice must be have the Patient Portal module. 
  • A patient must have an assigned facility and assigned provider in the "Patient Demographics".
  • There must be at least one active appointment type. This is a new feature in the EHR included with Appointment Requests. These appointment types are only to support appointment requests through the portal. To access the "Appointment Types" page in the EHR users will need to have the "Reference Data" permission. To access this page and create an "Appointment Type":
  1. Click Reference Data | Appointment Types.
  2. Click the New Appointment Type button.
  3. Complete the "Name", "Description", and "Duration" (this field can be a minimum of 10 minutes and a max of 360 minutes, appointments must be a multiple of five between this range). 
  4. Click Save. 
  • Providers must configure their Availability. Also, included with this this feature is for users and providers with permission to access "Persons and Institutions" the ability to configure availability for days of the week, times, and facilities. This will tell the system when the provider is available for appointments. To configure Availability:
  1. Click Persons and Institutions | Providers 
  2. Click on the desired Provider
  3. Click Availability
  4. Click New Availability
  5. This will open the "Edit Provider Availability" dialogue box and will allow the user to configure the availability by the facility, day of the week, and time.  
  6. Once availability is set click OK, then click Save on the "Providers" page.
  • The final step for patients to requests appointments is to activate the feature, to do this: 
    1. Click Persons and Institutions | Practice.
    2. Click on the Patient Portal tab.
    3. Click the "Appointment Requests" checkbox.
    4. Click Save.
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