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This article applies to Valant IO 

What is Valant eSignature?

The Valant eSignature feature is an embedded solution enabling practices to send packets of one or more documents through the Patient Portal for the patient to sign electronically.

Who can use eSignature?

Practices that have been invited to Valant IO and have the Patient Portal module can utilize eSignature. If you are interested, please contact us to learn more!

How does my practice sign-up for eSignature

A Customer Addenda was sent out for eSignature on April 6th and 7th, 2020. This was sent to all Account Signatories. If this has not already been signed, the Account Signatory will need to sign the Addenda. If you need us to resend the agreement, please contact us. 

If and when the Addenda has been signed, please navigate to Select ‘Add a service or module’ from the drop down and then select ‘Valant eSignature’. Please proceed with filling out and submitting the form. The form must be submitted by an Account Signatory or Customer Champion. 

What is the eSignature pricing?

eSignature pricing is based on practice usage. The cost is structured as follows:
  • The first eSignature request (a single request can contain more than one packet or signature) for new patients is free! New patients are defined as being added after the first e-signature template is created (does not include imported patients). Also, it doesn't matter if you send the request the day the patient is created or at anytime in the future. The first request is free. 
  • All other signature requests are $1 per signature request. 
Your billing will be usage based and you will be invoiced each month after we have analyzed usage. Please note that the first eSignature request for new patients can include multiple documents or packets that you have created (For example, practices can send an "intake packet" containing all intake forms that need a signature to a new patient and not being charge for that usage!). The timing of the charge is not based on sending the packet, but rather the patient opening the document. Meaning if a patient never addresses the request you will not be charged for that usage.    

Can I create my own documents for patients to sign?

Yes, your practice can easily upload and customize documents to create templates for patients to sign.  Users can drag and drop signature boxes, date, checkboxes, radio buttons, and text fields onto templates.

How will patients sign documents?

Patients that are sent an eSignature request can sign documents by logging into their Patient Portal account. Patients are required to have a verified email to sign eSignature Requests. Patients will receive an email notification confirming they have been sent a document to sign electronically. 

What Browsers can my patients use for eSignature?    

Patients will need to access their Patient Portal on the latest versions of Safari, Chrome, Edge, or Firefox. 

Note: Internet Explorer is not a supported browser

eSignature Guide v3.pdf

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