Appointment Request Queue

This queue can be accessed two different ways:
1. Click the Appointment Requests hyperlink from the "Action Items" list on the Dashboard

2. Click Tools | Appointment Requests Queue

The Appointment Requests queue will show a list of requests submitted through the portal. The data list will show the request date, Patient ID, Provider ID, Facility ID and Appointment Date/Time. The requests will be in order from the earliest request received. The columns can be sorted like other data lists in Valant. Clicking on an item from the list will reveal details on the bottom of the screen. When users click on a specific item the system will check for conflicts on the scheduler. That is why the Check for Conflict button is grayed out.

These appointment details are the same that appear when scheduling an appointment on the scheduler except there is a Save and Delete button. Practices can manage appointment requests by editing or changing any details they would like. If you click Schedule Appointment or Reject it will send an e-mail for the patient. The e-mail will be pulled from the "Contacts" tab that can be accessed by clicking Persons and Institutions | Patients| Contacts tab. If there is no e-mail in the demographics you will receive a message the patient was not contacted. If the appointment is scheduled it will appear on the scheduler immediately and the request will be deleted from the queue. 

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