PPS and IO: Net Productivity Report

This article applies to Valant IO and the Private Practice Suite

The Net Productivity Report can be accessed in the Report Center. Select Reports | Report Center, then from the Report Center click Billing | Net Provider Report. Set the desired parameters and select Run Report.

The report shows a summary of monthly total charges, payments, adjustments, and fee schedule adjustments with the Accounts Receivable Balance. The Report Center versions of the Productivity Report and Net Productivity Report are different from the System Reports version in that they include the service units and non-insurance adjustments, and do not include the AR Days or the Collections %.

The Net Productivity Report is a version of the original Productivity Report that accounts for expected fee schedule adjustments in the outstanding AR balance.

Fee schedule adjustments will be subtracted from the total AR balance for any outstanding charges that do not already have associated insurance payments or insurance adjustments.

Fee schedule adjustments are calculated based on the following criteria, as designated in Persons & Institutions > Insurance Companies > [Select insurance company] > Options > Fee Schedules:

  • Insurance Company
  • Provider Type
  • Procedure ID
  • CPT Code

Disclaimer: The projected fee schedule adjustments should be considered an estimation, not an exact total that will be applied by the insurance company. All adjustments and payments are subject to change at the discretion of the associated insurance company.

Please note that if part of the report is not showing or is cut off, users can zoom out in their browser to reveal a scroll bar to view the whole report. 

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