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This article applies to the Private Practice Suite

This video provides a quick overview of the Clinical Reports. To download the documentation that provides a quick overview of the Clinical Reports, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.

To access Clinical Reports click on Reports | System Reports and open the Clinical drop down menu in the new tab:

Available reports:

Audit Log-Patient: This report provides a list of all changes made to the patient's data and also states which user performed the action.
Audit Log-User Access: This report provides a list of who has been accessing the EHR and when they accessed it.
Diagnoses-DSM: This report provides a list of patients with a given DSM diagnosis. This report is very useful for Meaningful Use Menu Objective #5.
Diagnoses-Patient: This report provides a list of diagnoses for one patient at a time or for all patients.
Facesheets: This report displays all demographic information for one patient at time or for multiple patients.
Faxes Status: This report provides a status about the transmission of all faxes sent out using the EHR.
Medication History: This report provides a list of all the past medications entered into the EHR for a specific patient.
Medications: This report lists all active medications for one patient or for all patients.
Multi-Signer Status: This report gives a status update on all of the documents that are utilizing multiple signers. This report outlines who has and has not yet completed their role in the document’s workflow.
Patient Activity: This report provides a list of patients and when their last visit took place.
Patients: This report provides a generic list of patients, which can be filtered by Patient Type, Assigned Provider, or Assigned Facility.
Patients Missing Meaningful Use Information (When provisioned): This report provides a list of patients who are missing Meaningful Use related demographics. This information is located under Persons and Institutions | Patients | Select a Patient | Misc. Tab and also includes their smoking status which is recorded in the Patient Chart as a Measurement.
Unsigned Documents: This report provides a list of all documents that have been saved, and not signed.


Reports - Cheat Sheet.pdf

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