SDS - Sheehan Disability Scale


The Sheehan Disability is a 5-item self-report tool that assesses functional impairment in work/school, social life, and family life.

Scores Produced

  • Sheehan (0-30) (sum of items 1-3)
  • Sheehan Work/School (0-10) (item 1)
  • Sheehan Social Life (0-10) (item 2)
  • Sheehan Family Life/Home Responsibilities (0-10) (item 3)


  • Sheehan – measure of global functional impairment, from unimpaired to highly impaired
  • Sheehan Work/School, Sheehan Social Life, Sheehan Family Life/Home Responsibilities – scores of 5 or greater on any of these scales are associated significant functional impairment


Sheehan DV, Harnett-Sheehan K, Raj BA. The measurement of disability. Int Clin Psychopharmacol. 1996 Jun;11 Suppl 3:89-95. Review



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