MEQ - Morningness-Eveningness Questionnaire

The Morningness-Eveningness Questionnaire (MEQ) is a 19-item, self-administered instrument designed to measure whether a person's peak sleepiness/alertness is in the morning/evening. It has been measured and validated against circadian rhythm variations in oral temperature, with peak alertness time correlated with higher body temperatures.

Special Instructions
Once the patient has submitted it, you may preview it on the uninitialed documents tab in the EMR. However, do not initial it or it won't later be pulled into your Mobile Note.

Scores Produced
Total (16-86)

16-30 = Definite evening type
31-41 = Moderate evening type
42-58 = Intermediate type
59-69 = Moderate morning type
70-86 = Definite morning type

Horne, J., & Ă–stberg, O. (1976). A self-assessment questionnaire to determine morningness-eveningness in human circadian rhythms. International Journal of Chronobiology, 4, 97-100.

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