ASRS v1.1 - Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale Symptom Checklist


ASRS v1.1 is an 18-item self-report inventory used to screen for ADHD in adults

Special Instructions

Once the patient has submitted it, you may preview it on the uninitialed documents tab in the EMR. However, do not initial it or it won't later be pulled into your Mobile Note.

Scores Produced

Total (0-72)

Part A (0-6)

Part B (0-12)


  • If Part A is greater than or equal to 4, the patient has symptoms highly consistent with ADHD in adults and further investigation may be warranted
  • There are no thresholds for Part B, but these individual scores can provide additional cues and can serve as further probes into the patient’s symptoms.
  • Total may be used to track change over time with treatment.


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ASRS v1.1 - Adult ADHD Checklist.docx

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