Valant IO and Private Practice Suite

Valant is excited to release our new EHR, Valant IO to our customers. While in the process of upgrading users from the Private Practice Suite to Valant IO the help site will support both versions of the EHR. In order to accomplish this Valant has created new content for Valant IO, and labeled all content to easily recognize which articles are applicable to each interface.

Articles will now have different types of titles and the first sentence of an article will clarify which version of the EHR the content is the applicable. Please pay careful attention to the title and first sentence.

The first sentence in an article will also state which interface the article applies to. The first sentence of articles about Valant IO will read: "This article applies to the Valant IO interface" .

In case there is any confusion about which version of Valant your practices uses, below are images of each interface. The top image is the dashboard of  the Valant IO interface. The bottom image is the dashboard of the Private Practice Suite.

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