Valant eFaxing FAQ

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How can Valant help my practice with faxing?

Valant has partnered with Upland InterFAX to provide two eFaxing options. We offer a standalone solution that will allow your practice to send and receive faxes electronically outside of Valant. We also offer an integrated solution that allows you to send faxes from the patient chart in Valant.

How do I sign up? 

Please sign up for either option through our subscription portal at

What is the cost of eFaxing?

Integrated outbound only eFaxing costs just $0.06 per page. There is no cost for the integration. Standalone outbound and inbound eFaxing costs $6.00 per month for the fax line and $0.06 per page.

How does it work? 

For our standalone option, Valant will create you an account where you can log in at From this portal your practice will be able to send faxes as well as receive them. 

For our integrated option, practices will be able to fax directly from the Practice Documents and the Patient Chart. 

I have an office fax machine, why do I need eFaxing?

Our standalone option routes faxes directly into your e-mail inbox and is therefore much more flexible than a physical machine. No more standing by the fax machine in anticipation of an incoming fax! Faxes arriving in your absence don’t get lost in piles of paper, they will be for your eyes only and can’t be read by anyone else. Additionally, with standalone eFaxing, incoming faxes may be filed or forwarded as with standard email and can also be deleted with no wasted paper.

Our integrated option allows you send faxes with ease from the EHR and also avoids the use of a machine. 

We have a fax server at our company, why do we need standalone eFaxing?

A fax server does not necessarily solve the challenge of incoming faxes, if you do not have an ‘inbound routing’ feature then faxes are delivered to a human operator who needs to manually forward them to their intended recipients. This may add a significant delay before faxes reach you and might even cause an intolerable delay if the operator is unavailable. With standalone eFaxing every fax is directly routed to your desktop, with no delay.

I have a fax modem installed in my computer, why do I need standalone eFax?

With standalone eFax you don’t need to purchase and maintain an additional phone line or keep your computer running 24 hours a day.

How do I learn how to use eFaxing? 

For our standalone option, please visit the Upland Interfax Help Site as there are many guides on getting started as well as detailed articles on how to send faxes, as well as receiving faxes.

What do I do if I encounter any problems? 

For our standalone option, if you have any technical support questions please first check the Upland InterFAX Help Site. If you have any account specific questions please contact Valant Support

For our integration option, please contact Valant Support

I have the EHR integrated efax Solution, will it interact with my standalone account?

Unfortunately, they will not be connected and the integrated account and standalone account will not contain data from the EHR and vice versa. 

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