Uninitialed Documents

This article applies to Valant IO

The Uninitialed Documents page allows providers to initial documents before they are included in a patient chart. Uninitialed documents can be viewed by both staff users and providers. Providers will only be able to see their own Uninitialed Documents. Initialing documents is a way for the provider to approve documents being added to a patient clinical record. Office staff and providers can both see this page. Only providers can initial documents, and office staff can preview the documents.

The buttons on the top right allow for users to:

Export all data: This button will download an excel file of data
Select Columns: This allows users to customize what columns appear on the heading of the grid
Clear Filters and Search: This will clear any filters or searches that are currently being used on the grid
Refresh Data: Will refresh the page and show any updates or changes made

Action Drop-Down 

When a Provider is on the Uninitialed Documents page they can click the Action Drop down to see the options of “Preview”, “Initial”, or “Delete” a Uninitialed Document. If they chose to Initial then will send the document to the Patient Chart. 

Batch Action

Providers will see the Batch Action button that allows to mass initial or delete documents. Using the radio button column to select documents. Using the Batch Action option to mass initial or delete documents will prompt a pop-up to confirm the action.

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