Training Solutions: E-learning, Live sessions, and Documentation

The training team strives to help you exceed your expectations in effectively utilizing the resources of Valant to increase the productivity of your organization.
We offer a variety of training solutions based upon your experience. Identify which option applies to you and follow the steps indicated.

"I am part of an organization that has not gone live with Valant."
Solution: contact your staff manager at your organization or your Valant implementation manager if you are the point of contact with Valant.

E-LEARNING Case 1: "I am a new employee at an organization that is already using Valant EHR and need training."
Solution: Your training will be conducted by your organization, but we will help with the basics. Contact your staff manager in order to create an e-learning account for you.
Case 2: " I am a staff manager at my facility"
Solution: please visit Requesting Access to our E-learning Platform
Case 3: "I am already a user and can't log in"
Solution: Always use to log in. If you can't reset your password, your account has been deactivated and access needs to be requested.

Case 1: "I have completed all of my e-learning modules and have specific questions that my colleagues can't answer.
Case 2: "I have been using Valant EHR for quite some time and require additional assistance."
Solution: please visit the Valant EHR Webinars page.

Training Cheat Sheets
Additional Training Cheat Sheets

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