Training Cheat Sheets

These Training Guide Sheets are your perfect companion when you have already completed online and live training. They include the basic steps, guides, and instructions to perform daily tasks.

Valant IO

Online Bill Pay Guide .pdf

eSignature Guide.pdf

Valant Integrated Credit Card Processing.pdf

Telehealth User Guide.pdf

Click on the buttons below to download these Private Practice Suite cheat sheets:

EMR Basics - Cheat Sheet.pdf

Easy Billing - Cheat Sheet.pdf

E-prescribing - Cheat Sheet.pdf

Mobile Notes - Cheat Sheet.pdf

Patient Portal - Cheat Sheet.pdf

The below Additional Training Cheat Sheets can also be downloaded for the Private Practuce Suite.

  • Documentation Tools
  • Reports
  • Report Center
  • Data Export Center
  • Custom Fields & Tabs

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