IO: Summary of Changes

This article applies to the Valant IO interface

Valant IO is an upgraded version of the EHR. There is no need to re-learn a new system to use Valant IO. Users familiar with the Private Practice Suite should transition smoothly to Valant IO. There are some subtle differences that are important to review.  

  • The EHR no longer uses Microsoft Silverlight. This is the major difference between the two versions of the EHR
  • Valant IO can be accessed in new browsers. We have focused our testing on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Valant requires users be on the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox  to use Valant IO. Note: Firefox ESR and Internet Explorer which were previously required to use Valant are no longer supported Browsers. 
  • Valant IO uses the same database as the Private Practice Suite. No data migration. 
  • New navigation menu that when Ctrl + click, or right-click | Open link in new tab to open up that page in a new tab in the browser.

  • Instead of one Valant browser page with tabs, there will now be multiple tabs within the browser. 

  • History tabs will show details immediately, no need to expand an event to see details

  • Name of the Practice in the top center of the page. 
  • Name of the user is on the top right of the header with a drop down menu showing: 

  • Action items have a color highlight indicating the severity of their impact to clinical workflows, then business workflows, then all other items that may or may not require immediate attention

  • The Calendar received major performance improvements as well as updating the user interface:

  • New calendar display options: "Work Week" and "Agenda" views.
  • Preset views have drop-down options instead of pop up windows. 
  • Changing Providers/Facilities are now in a multi-select drop-down.
  • Group by date allows users to see providers weeks side by side, or providers grouped together each day of the week. 

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